Xelli Island Reveals New EP ‘Streets Of A Spiral’

Xelli Island is ready to take listeners on an enchanting musical journey with her EP, ‘Streets Of A Spiral.’ This highly anticipated release effortlessly combines grooving beats, subtle synth work, and infectious vocal melodies. With tracks like ‘The End Of Us’ showcasing soulful tones and energetic indie-pop anthems like ‘Days Go By,’ Xelli Island’s musical talent shines through. Each song is beautifully complemented by vibrant instrumentals, providing a captivating backdrop for her signature vocals.

In ‘Streets Of A Spiral,’ Xelli Island delves into the theme of finding oneself after being led astray by relationships. The EP explores the mesmerising and sometimes overwhelming nature of romantic entanglements, emphasising the importance of choosing our own path. Through emotionally-penned lyrics, Xelli Island connects with her audience, shedding light on profound topics.

Born and raised in Detroit with a blue-collar, bicultural upbringing, Xelli Island brings a unique perspective to her music. Her creative journey in Detroit’s music scene, combined with the eye-opening experiences of visiting The Philippines since childhood, influences her charming and down-to-earth songwriting. With a distinctive sound that has captivated fans and tastemakers alike, Xelli Island is set to make her mark in 2023.

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