Trafton ‘Black Water’ | Premiere

New England’s electronic producer Trafton premieres a new single ‘Black Water’. A second release from his proclaimed second chapter after his 2019 EP ‘Ice Boy’.

‘Black Water’ sees Trafton play around with reverb-soaked synths with a slow mysterious start that builds up into ‘an eye of a great storm’. His vocals are light as a feather but evocative as the darkest night.

Trafton elaborates on what ‘Black Water’ is about: “I wrote the song as an image of this internal struggle reaching a tension so high that everything stops; the chaos all around seems to collapse into total clarity and awareness of the choice that must be made in order to move forward. To me, it feels like the eye of a great storm, the climax of a human experience, a surreal moment of profound rarity and significance that I tried to bring to life through the production.”

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Words: Karolina Kramplova