Unveiling ‘Emotional’ – Ell Murphy’s Electrifying Dance Odyssey

Hailing from the vibrant streets of South East London, the dynamo DJ and vocal virtuoso, Ell Murphy, has been whipping up a storm with her eclectic mixes and killer releases, setting the scene ablaze for a solid 18 months now. When she steps up to the decks, it’s like watching an alchemical maestro at work, seamlessly melding her dual talents into a show that’s nothing short of a genre-bending spectacle. 

Today, Ell releases ‘Emotional,’ a vibrant testament to the artist’s deep-rooted connection with the dance music landscape of the 90s. The track exudes a soulful and high-energy dance anthem that is bound to resonate with enthusiasts of both eras.

Collaborating once again with the seasoned producer Giulia Tess, Ell Murphy masterfully weaves together a tapestry of nostalgic sounds with contemporary flair. The result is a captivating auditory journey that pays homage to the golden age of dance music, all while presenting a fresh take that speaks to modern sensibilities.

‘Emotional’ not only serves as a reminder of the artist’s formative musical influences but also stands as a testament to her artistic autonomy. The co-production efforts by Ell Murphy and Giulia Tess reflect a harmonious synergy, which undoubtedly contributes to the track’s infectious groove.

Adding a delightful twist to this musical package is the B side, ‘Need to Know,’ produced by the talented Medlar. This classic piano house-infused offering complements the main track impeccably, introducing a wave of euphoria and nostalgia that harkens back to the genre’s roots.

In a landscape saturated with electronic beats, ‘Emotional’ emerges as a distinct and noteworthy composition, capturing the essence of a bygone era while confidently forging ahead into new sonic territory. Ell Murphy’s ability to evoke the raw energy and emotion of the 90s dance scene while infusing it with her own contemporary vision is a testament to her artistic prowess and dedication to her craft. This release marks a significant milestone not only for Ell Murphy but also for aficionados of dance music looking for a sonic journey that bridges the past and the present.

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Words: Izabel Rose