The Artisanal Black Oud Experience

Known for its recognisable aromas and sleek black packaging BLACK OUD, founded in 2018 by entrepreneur Walid Anan is widely becoming known as one of the UK’s fastest growing celebrity-endorsed Oud companies. In only 4 years the brand has developed into a cult lifestyle, co-signed by athletes and musicians across both sides of the Atlantic including Giggs, Serena Williams, Burna Boy and Fat Joe. With subsequent features in the likes of British Vogue, GQ and THE BBC, Black Oud continues to underline its reputation as a new beacon of artisanal craftsmanship.

Balancing a demand for authenticity and craftsmanship with a constantly growing list of celebrity clients, Black Oud’s growth has been rooted in the methodology of its founder. A Swedish Londoner of Palestinian and Ethiopian decent, Anan’s application to his craft led him to the Southwest of Europe to sit with some of the continent’s best perfumers to develop an array of different Oud-based aromas, with Black Oud fragrances imported from both Europe and the Middle East.

Added to this clear authenticity came Anan’s unique approach to how customers experience the brand, opening London’s first Oud lounge where he takes each client through a completely bespoke process drawing from 30 different scents that he created himself. With its sharp but simple glass bottles and distinctive stories behind the smells, Anan has created a luxury experience for his customers. 

Discussing Black Oud and his plans for the brand’s future, Walid states: “Black Oud is far more than just a perfume brand, it’s about experience. Through consistency and the work, we hope to continue to build Black Oud as one of the leading oud brands in the UK and Europe.”

The growing stream of celebrity clients as well as an impressive and ever-growing loyal client base. Black Oud and Walid Anan feel like they’re on a significant trajectory as a new generation of experiential fragrance artisans.

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