Adam Frost Presents RIGOROUS AW24

Since Adam Frost’s move back to his hometown of Hastings, he feels more inspired  than ever to create.  

For AW24, Frost presents a capsule collection of ten looks. Drawing inspiration from  his muses; Grace Jones, Björk, Tracey Emin and the more unlikely Joan Of Arc. Frost’s  initial ideas came from tough suits of armour and regal dressing from the 1400’s. He  looked at silhouettes of medieval body armour and mirrored these into his corset style  bodices, painted in true Adam Frost style with his iconographic ‘Faces’ and layered  over soft dresses and sequin kaftans.  

The stand out looks in RIGOROUS are the mixed-media faux snakeskin dresses and  two-piece, which combine spray paint, PVC and delicate hand painting. With the word  RIGOROUS in mind, Adam’s goal is to create strong power-fashion to be used as a  form of escapism and a safety blanket in a time of incomprehensible sadness within  the world. 

“For this collection I used mixed media as inspiration; prior to the design process I  worked on a series of paintings, sculptures, my music and performance art. I always  knew I wanted to explore women throughout history as a theme. I am designing for the  powerful women; Joan of Arc, Boudica, Elizabeth I. Imagining what they would be  wearing in this century; born in the social media generation” says Frost.  

Never straying too far from his working-class roots; satirical nods to ‘Council House  Chic’ (Adam’s words) are peppered throughout RIGOROUS. The ‘Acid House, Prairie’  snakeskin dress is complete with matching rain bonnet “the pieces are made to pop to  the corner shop for a bottle of voddy and a vape, just as Joan of Arc would have done,  if she had the opportunity” exclaims Frost.

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Creative Director: Adam Frost
Modelled by Muse and Musician: Jeanie Crystal of ‘Jeanie Crystal and The White  Boys’  
Photographer: Declan Kelly
MUA: Sofia Paradis
PR: KMR Consultancy
Studio Assistance: Anna Mann
Shot on location at Goat Ledge, St Leonards on Sea