Down The Rabbit Hole With T*MITROVSKA AW22

If you’ve ever wanted to take a trip to wonderland, a glance at T*Mitrovoska‘s ‘Mind your mind’ AW22 collection may take you one step closer, to a more contemporary version albeit. Taking us on a ride through our inner thoughts, the collection of thought-provoking silhouettes and kaleidoscopic colour palette clash with contrasting black colour waves. Notions of wonderland turn dark as we are met with a black rabbit, quite literally, instead of the classic white guide for Alice that we are so accustomed to. 

Taking us on a mood-altering journey, graphic mind-melding prints feature across an oversized jogger and bomber jacket two-piece. Black and electric purple fuse into one print, a hypnotising pairing that captivates and demands your attention. Paired with a neon green body harness bright colours contrast against deep black, perhaps a nod to the two sides of the mind, vivid vs dark, an appropriate metaphor given the title of the collection.

A sense of childhood wonderment is introduced, not only through the vivid setting of the presentation and the array of eclectic lamps displayed to complement the collection, but by the oversized silhouettes and extravagant layering of the colour displayed by T*Mitrovoska. As the models pass strawberry sweets via remote control car, we experience a simpler time, our minds quiet and relaxed. We are transported back to our childhood playroom through the setting and each garment offers a touch of childhood nostalgia with an edge.

Unconventional shapes and materials challenge typical gender roles, with touches of androgynous and eclectic fashion combining to remind us once again of our adolescent selves, free from the restrictions of gender dressing. It’s a powerful notion and one displayed creatively by T*Mitrivoska in this collection, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

As you leave T*Mitrivoska’s world of mind-bending designs to the eyes of others, the garments invade your forethoughts. It’s clear this emerging designer will be as impactful on the industry as the dopamine filled designs that dominate their audience.

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Photography: Florence Law
Words: Lorna May