Dr. Martens and Heaven by Marc Jacobs Present Audrick Heaven

Resurrecting the spirit of the 90s through a modern-day nostalgic lens, Dr. Martens collaboration with Heaven by Marc Jacobs is a standing ovation for the era that took hold of a generation. A manifestation of the parallels that both Dr. Martens and Marc Jacobs have shared for almost 30 years, their new Audrick 8i HMJ Croc boot and Audrick 3i HMJ Croc shoe are a tribute to the intricate web of subculture that brought them together.

Marc Jacobs’ latest collection – Heaven by Marc Jacobs, is the brainchild of Brooklyn-based designer Ava Nirui. Jacobs was drawn to Ava’s eccentricity and bootleg creations. He sought her out – and the visionary duo found an affinity in each other’s passion for DIY-inspired pieces. Dr. Martens shared heritage of customisation meant a collaboration was long on the cards.

The Audrick 8i HMJ Croc boot and Audrick 3i HMJ Croc shoe come with the spirit of self-expression stitched in. Stacked on a brand-new, lightweight 1.9” Quad Neoteric sole – an amplified and unmissable silhouette with a built-in SoftWair insole for added comfort. And pre-welted with a tonne of attitude. Made with standout New Vibrance Croco leather, both the boot and the shoe are studded with daisy-shaped eyelets and come with Marc Jacobs’ double-headed teddy lace charm. Finished with extra-long laces for a double wrap-around, a black and yellow heel loop and instantly recognisable stitching.

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