DRESSX Calls For Peace In Ukraine Through Fashion Initiative

It’s been almost one month since the tragic Russian attacks began against Ukraine. 

When hope vanishes in the clouds of dust, and the outside world’s overshadowed by the sounds of air raid sirens; the only thing that matters is to survive. Sacrificing all you have to defend your country or running away to find safe haven is something most of us don’t have a clue about, and hopefully will never experience. So here we are, on the other side, being either vocal or silent, not really sure how to react or what to do, because it’s not just their war, it’s ours too. 

Here comes DRESSX, a digital wardrobe, who’s going to lead you through chaos, pointing your way to support and solidarity.

In a state of uncertainty, DRESSX decided to unite all the countries and support Ukraine donating profits from their special capsule collection. The digital fashion start-up was founded in Ukraine in 2020 by Daria Shapovalova and Natalya Modenova. With some of the brand’s team members and families still based in Ukraine, DRESSX wants to do everything to help the situation. The brand strongly believes that ‘no country or nationality in the world should be in war and conflict’. The campaign’s main aims are to unite, support, and offer community, above all else.

The line, which includes digital earrings, a bucket hat, sweater and heart-shaped dress (made by Ilona Song), all in the colours of the Ukrainian flag, has attracted a number of international influencers, partners and clients, each posting images of themselves wearing the platform’s digital pieces, including previously mentioned big names such as Madonna, Aicha Faye, Ebonee Davis, Maghan McDowell, and Rue Tuvierra.

Speaking on what the collection means to them, DRESSX explain to us: “As a company created by Ukrainian founders, we cannot stay distant from the current events. On the first day of the war, DRESSX launched the Support Ukraine initiative making it easy for foreigners to donate to Ukrainian charities.”

On top of this, the brand is also offering free AR looks to use in the DRESSX App, with the hopes of these looks used to unite and show support for Ukraine during this challenging time.

“We designed a Ukrainian-themed collection, which has already been supported by numerous influencers and celebrities, including Madonna. All the proceeds from the collection purchases on the website are donated straight to Ukrainian trusted charities, while the collection is also available for free in AR on the DRESSX app for anyone who wants to support Ukraine without a donation. To date we have already transferred more than $18K to Support Ukraine.”

We asked DRESSX why they think it’s so vital to show support through fashion and the arts: “DRESSX is a company established by Ukrainian founders, and some of our colleagues and their families are currently staying in Ukraine. Having team members from across the world, including USA, Russia, France, Morocco, Romania, Spain, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Dominicana and more, we all stand for Ukraine and we make our position very clear in the industry. We believe that our voice and the voices of every person, influencer, brand, or company, have as much power as a real weapon on the battlefield. In critical situations like this, when cities get shelled and civilians killed everyday, there is no ‘neutral position’ – you either stand for the truth or support the war.

We encourage every company, both in fashion, entertainment, music, art, or any other industries, to speak up and unite for the sake of peace – the biggest virtue and goal for humanity. At DRESSX we are supporting Ukraine by donating the proceeds from sales to the trusted funds and educating our community about the reality of events in Ukraine. We will continue to actively support our country until the Russian invasion stops, and encourage every company to play their part – in the world of today silence is not acceptable anymore.”

All proceeds from the collection go to supporting Ukraine, with proceeds in crypto accepted via coinbase commerce. One can donate directly to the wallet (details linked here), and DRESSX will make sure the funds are sent straight to the appropriate charities that are working tirelessly to help Ukraine stop the war.

We stand with Ukraine.

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Words: Kinga Ludwin