Fer x Garment Streak

Fer is a collaborative arts production house exploring the aesthetic dimension of social justice. They are convinced of the need to refresh the visual language for social justice to reach those who aren’t yet engaged in social justice and to create deeper, more holistic ways for individuals and communities to be socially conscious and active. They take hold of emerging pop-cultural art forms as sites for creating new engagement. 

Fer are interested in art outside of the Gallery; in the aesthetics of people and our bodies; of our relationships and choices, and of the built spaces that accommodate us. Their works are all theologically informed and include film, music, podcasting, fashion design, artifact and spatial design and new ritual design – they are also the creatives behind Instagram slow fashion week, Garment Streak.

Do you remember when or how you first became conscious of the connection between fast fashion and climate change?

We first became aware of the connection between fast fashion and exploitation of workers, particularly women. So for us, our move towards slow fashion was feminist and humanitarian. It wasn’t until we went to an event run by @togetherstreet that we really understood the deep connection between fast fashion and climate change. Learning that fast fashion contributes more GHG emissions than the shipping and aviation industries combined and is the largest pollutant of microplastics in the ocean was pretty sobering. We thought – that shit is not our style, so how can we wear it any longer? That’s when we launched @garmentstreak

What positive role do you think public figures and influencers could have in the fight against fast fashion and climate change generally?

As has often been said, celebrity is currency. How you spend it is the question. Those who use it to shift culture positively rather than drive it further down harmful routes are the ones to watch. Those who are seen wearing a Slow Wardrobe (by which we mean ethically and sustainably made, worn multiple times on instagram and choose not to promote Fast Fashion labels) are helping to ritualise meaningful change in our wider culture.

What has it felt like for you, to be seen on Instagram wearing the same thing over and again?

We love it. There is beauty in pattern and repetition.

Besides performing in the Garment Streak, what else should we know about you or what you are doing?

The Garment Streak is our main performance artwork focused on the climate emergency and fashion, but we have a wide range of artworks in various forms (including music, film and contemporary ritual design) that respond to other cultural and social subjects – like human trafficking, housing justice, mental health and Covid – all of which we explore theologically. These can be found on our website ferproduction.com

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