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“Stay hungry. Show your passion. Keep your drive” is the ethos that best friends Imogen Cork and Sarah Cole swear by, and this led to the creation of CRIB presents. There are no restrictions with these girls, they break through the boundaries created by society that everyone should function in a certain type of way, and instead, they express individuality. That’s what makes this duo unique from others – they create without fear and help others do the same, which is exactly what creativity is all about. This drive combined with their backgrounds in TV and fashion is what makes their newest project “CRIB’s Couch” one to follow. Whether it’s through film making, photography or visual art, their unique minds are sure to bring a new dimension to the creative world.

How did the initial idea of CRIB Presents come about? Was there a certain motivation or inspiration behind it?

It was initially started by Imogen whilst at university when trying to find a way to rebel against the restrictions of her course curriculum. Based on the desire to showcase rising talent like herself, the first project she did was in collaboration with Sarah, a fashion designer by trade. From that we worked on projects here and there together (we’ve been friends for nearly 10 years anyway) and finally decided to make it official about two years ago. CRIB as it is today was born.

It was a really organic process and really grew from that place of ‘oh you think like me, you see like me’ let’s join forces and become even more powerful together.

CRIB’s ethos is and always will be about giving a voice to undiscovered talent. That is at the core of everything we do.

You’ve worked on a number of previous projects together, but what was the most exciting project you’ve carried out or been a part of?

There is so many and every project we do has it’s own unique and wonderful place in our hearts. If we were to pick one, it would be GIRLS 2.0. A follow up to one of our first projects GIRLS. GIRLS 2.0 is a celebration of female talent within the creative industries. With a 30+ female crew, cast and everything else, its one of the biggest and most exciting projects we’ve done. We don’t want to give too much away but we will be hosting an installation evening for the preview of the films as well as showcasing a plethora of content based around the project. All we can say is, it’s one to watch out for.

After collaborating with Phoebe English and Hunger magazine, as well as having your work picked up and featured by Vogue Italia and Nick Knight, who else would you love to do a collaboration/work with?

There Is hundreds, but honestly, anyone who is passionate about their craft and wants to make cool shit.

What do each of you bring to CRIB Presents? Is one of you particularly into the fashion side of things or the visual art aspect etc?

We both have talents that are distinctive but the true power of CRIB comes when we’re together. We’d be lost without each other and what’s amazing is we seem to fill in the blanks the other has.

Moving onto your most recent project, CRIB’s Couch, what would you say makes it stand out from other live music sessions?

CRIB’s couch is recorded live in one take, in one day and always in a unique location around London (watch this space; London now, the moon next). We are breaking away from the traditional music performances and finding a unique way to truly represent the talent on the screen. Finding a location which makes them feel comfortable, open and relaxed. Cut in between our one take wonder is moments of happiness and personality. We want to give the viewer a snapshot into the mind of the musician.

What drew your attention to Sadie and made you realise she was a perfect fit for your first live CRIB’s Couch session?

We’ve known Sadie for a while now, having used one of her tracks on a previous project; CRIB x MARLOW. She is such a talent and really believes in the power of collaboration. It was a no brainier. Watching her perform, you can see is such a personal experience and it’s an honour to bring that to the screen.

Is there anyone in particular, that you would like to see perform in any future live CRIB’s Couch sessions?

We don’t think there is the perfect person or the ultimate goal when it comes to this series. We want everyone and anyone, who is truly passionate about music. If that’s you and you’re reading this. Get in touch

Where do you hope CRIB Presents will be in 5 year’s time and what do you hope to have achieved by then?

CRIB in 5 years time is such an exciting thought for both of us! We want to be acknowledged and commended for being a creative female duo of whom produce and direct incredible and unique films, visual art and exhibitions. 

We plan to eventually have a small team and A CRIB magazine to print. But we right now we are happy to see where the wind takes us…

Be sure to follow them on their instagram @cribpresents and keep up to date with what they’re doing via their website

Words: Kajal Patel