La Langue des Fleurs | Editorial

Flowers have always been bearers of profound meanings and ancient symbolism, in the Victorian Era they were even used to carry secret messages between lovers or people that couldn’t speak aloud.

So Oleander means Perfidy and Cornflower instead means Refinement; the Cattleya represents a Mature Fascination and the Cyclamen symbolizes an Unhappy Lover; the Peony stands for Disgrace and the Verbena stands for Euphoria.

A silent dialogue born with devotion and virtue from the roots of romanticism.

Art Directors: Arianna Scapola and Lorraine Betta
Photographer: Letizia Toscano
Stylist: Lorraine Betta
Make-up and Hair: Arianna Scapola
Illustrator: Emily Gautschi
Model: Daria Milky at Wonderwall Management
Editorial Design: Sophie Meeson