GRACEY | 5 Minutes With

Rising pop star GRACEY is a force to be reckoned with. At only 23, the singer is already making some major moves. GRACEY is living proof that hard work and determination pay off, writing songs from the tender age of 7 and attending the prestigious BRIT School throughout her teen years, GRACEY’s natural gift was spotted by legendary Universal producer Brian Higgins – the rest as they say, is history.

Fast forward through GRACEY’s impressive career including highlights such as signing with Polydor Records, a Brit Award nomination for her single with 220 Kid on the single ‘Don’t Need Love’, songwriting for the likes of Sub Focus, Lorde, and Kylie Minogue and smash collaborations with Alexander 23 and KSI – it’s safe to say if she wasn’t on your radar before, she is now.

Despite these successes, her poignant and delicate new EP ‘Fragile‘ depict a different story. Over 4 moving tracks, ‘What A Waste’, ‘the internet’, ‘Sad Song’ and ‘Can’t Be Friends’, GRACEY tells a tale of heartbreak and resilience, GRACEY takes the listener on a journey that feels personal and authentic. Celebrating World Series Week, we caught up with the singer at Major League Baseball’s event “Major League Bites” at Patty&Bun in Soho before her performance alongside Foundation FM to talk all things baseball, new music and advice for a broken heart.

So, you’re performing tonight at Major League Bites as part of MLB Europe. What made you decide to partake in this project?

I remember seeing a baseball game when I was over in the States a while back, and I absolutely loved it! I think after the pandemic, it’s wicked to have these bigger events back up and running, especially when it comes to sport and music as they bring people together – and I guess performing tonight is both, so I’m very excited to be a part of it.

Tell us about this performance at Patty & Bun. Have you tried out the World Series Wonder burger?

It will be an intimate gig that will be cool, and I’ll be playing some songs from my new EP. I hear I get to try the World Series Wonder burger tonight. I’m excited!

Tonight you’ll be performing alongside Foundation FM. Is this your first time working with the collective?

I have! Firstly, I think the girls over at Foundation FM are so awesome, and I love everything they’re about! I threw an EP launch party for my first release a little while back in collaboration with them. They took care of the music all night and smashed it, of course. I’ve also had a chat with them on air in the past too. It’ll be sick to reunite tonight! 

Congratulations on the latest EP release,’Fragile’ – you’ve had glowing reviews so far. What did making this project mean to you?

Thank you! Yeah, this EP is super special to me. It’s essentially a 4-song diary entry of my year, just trying to navigate through a recent breakup. It’s been weird releasing music that feels so honest and raw to me at the moment. Still, the feedback I’ve received from people who have been listening and have connected to it has made a lot of the anxiety I’ve experienced around releasing it feels worth it. It felt like a real moment releasing it into the world a few weeks ago and feels great to have it out in the world to help anyone else who’s struggling too.

A recent breakup inspired your latest work. What words of wisdom can you provide for any other heartbroken soul out there?

Breakups are so, so rough, and I feel mad lonely. Growing is hard, but it’s so worth it. You deserve to feel loved and special because you are! Focus on yourself and be kind to yourself. Oh, and always trust your gut.

Despite the heartbreak, you’ve had a brilliant year. Getting nominated for a Brit award for your track with 220KID “Don’t Need Love”, what other milestones and goals are you hoping to achieve within the next year?

Ah, thank you, yeah, it’s been mad! I have big aspirations and lots in the works. The main thing I want to focus on next year is touring and getting out in front of the people listening to my music!! Lots of shows hopefully, I literally want to go everywhere that’ll have me, haha! 

Tell us about working with the talented KSI. What was it like to create the track ‘Rent Free’ together for his latest album? 

Yeah, he’s amazing. We wrote ‘Rent Free’ so quickly. We were in the studio with Toddla T on production, everyone was in their zone, and it just came together super effortlessly. KSI’s work mindset is mad, and it’s nice seeing him win!

Back to Baseball, who are you rooting for this year. Astro’s or the braves?

 Haha, I’m always on the side of the underdog, so whoever that is let’s goooooo!

What can we expect to hear from your new music in 2022? Any exciting plans?

A LOT of new music. I’m still a bit heartbroken, so I can’t promise you can put your tissues away just yet, but I have got some bops up my sleeve and a couple of collaborations. I’m very excited about in the pipeline. I can’t say too much just yet but stay tuned!

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