Mastering The Balance Between Comfort And Style

The art of menswear is all about balancing comfort with style. Feeling your best doesn’t mean that you have to wear smart clothes. You can wear loose-fitting or relaxed clothes and look as stylish and confident. 

Should you be someone that is looking to enhance both comfort and style in their wardrobe, here is how.

Invest in good shoes

The most comfortable part of an outfit has to be the shoes. You could wear a soft tracksuit and feel great on your body but your feet could hurt due to wearing the wrong shoes. 

Therefore, it is always a good idea to invest in good shoes. Good shoes can often hurt at first. But, after breaking them in you will feel comfortable in them whenever you wear them. 

Good shoes will also be stylish as well as comfortable. A good pair of shoes can style up any outfit and make it look put together. 

Spend on those oversized items

When a person wears cheap oversized clothes, it doesn’t always look the best. Wearing an item that is of higher quality will fit and sit better. 

For instance, investing in high-quality oversized t-shirts can be a great idea if you love comfort as well as style. Ones that are made with high-quality materials will sit better on the shoulders and enhance a person’s style, all whilst feeling extremely comfortable. 

Get yourself nice activewear

As well as wearing work wear and everyday outfits, you will also want to think about your activewear selection. Whether you work out every day or not, having high-quality sets of activewear will help you feel great even when you are working out. 

When you work out or go for a walk, you will want to feel your most comfortable. Hence, investing your money into activewear that is made with breathable and stretchy materials is key. They will help you feel comfortable as well as stylish when you walking your dog or heading to an exercise class.

Moreover, wearing activewear for daily activities is also on-trend. If you have stylish activewear, then why not wear it out for lunch or for a coffee with a friend? If you can feel comfortable wearing your activewear for more than your workouts, then it is a great investment.


With changing seasons, you will need some layers. When the weather gets cold, you will want to layer up with coats, jackets, jumpers, and accessories. 

Therefore, always ensure to consider layering pieces when you invest in clothes. The right fit jacket will make a huge difference in comparison to one that is too short or too tight. Good quality and good fitting layering garments will offer comfort and style.

Achieving the balance between comfort and style in fashion can be easier than you think. The main thing to think about is investing your money wisely. If you buy cheap clothes, shoes, and accessories, then they might not offer the most comfort. Higher quality pieces (that cost a little more) will be made from more comfortable and breathable materials.

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Header Image: Pexels