PANAGA SS23 | Less and Luxe

If you haven’t already heard of South-African based brand PANAGA, let us put you on to them. The label has been on the lips of minimalists everywhere after giving us a look at their SS23 collection and latest installment of luxury garms. (We’ve even spotted it on Oluwa Kuwait prior to the launch.) So, if you’re searching for laid-back looks with a little edge, get set to sport their new-season pieces.

Bringing the building blocks of the brand into every collection, consider each piece a fusion of art, family, faith, and exquisite artisanship. PANAGA’s usual neutral colour palettes don’t go a miss for SS23 and neither do their signature unisex pieces. Presented through a male and female pairing for the film, this season further blurs the lines for this brand as they enter a new era of androgynous aesthetics and once again remind us of the role they played in rooting unisex styles within South-African fashion.

I believe in the need for our vision to be more transparent

Clinton Osasenaga Idehen

When questioned about the brands ethos, Creative Director and Founder Clinton Osasenaga Idehen explains that PANAGA strives for transparency, “I would love for people to witness the fittings we do – the work that goes into the process – so that when you do eventually meander into our stores, you can connect with the values and ethics of PANAGA.” 

For SS23, he takes us on a metaphorical walk into the night, not only through the inclusion of darker shades, but also the concept. Conceived by a wild dream in the early hours, came this collection, crafted as a reminder that we should not only see the negative side of our nightmares, but instead find beauty and creativity within them.

This collection was conceived by a wild dream… and we shouldn’t only see the negative side of what we call nightmares.

Clinton Osasenaga Idehen

Expanding upon the night-time notion that birthed the brands latest ‘less and luxe’ offering to the industry, PANAGA’s trademark tones and pops of pastels this season unite with more unexpected styles and textures. In a unique but welcome twist, we watch this label move towards technology, introducing glow-in-the-dark fabrics for SS23 that illuminate in pitch black conditions. (If that isn’t symbolism, we don’t know what is.)

Mirroring fabric choices from previous collections, minimalists won’t be the only audience attracted to PANAGA’s vegan fabrics and refreshing silhouettes. One look at their fluffy, red-logo-embroidered hoodies, two-tone, layered tops and neutral-pattered turtlenecks will tell you that this brands newest aesthetic will no doubt find its way into the hands of hypebeasts everywhere, whether intentionally or not.

Bridging the gap between this and their classic, capsule-closet inclusions of monochromatic shirts, waistcoats and of course the stripped-down trench coats the brand is best known for, is their utility jacket, uniting the two spectrums. Looking like it belongs on the streets of Berlin and styled on models adorned in sunglasses, there seems no more perfect piece to remind us of the true range PANAGA carries, capable of adorning ravers inside Berghain to adding a brutalist edge to everyday workwear.

Puffer hats and square-silver-sequin-scattered turtlenecks enhance the streetwear elements of SS23 when combined with brighter colours, specifically showcased in the form of an orange and red striped shirt. It’s here where we see the two styles of PANAGA merge, with a muted brown de-cluttering these shades to match the brands simplistic nature. (They don’t call them a champion of minimalism for nothing.)

Stripping other styles back to suit the labels signature, the brand once again proves through subtly-pattered shirts and shorts that basic doesn’t have to be boring. Their usual refined design, vegan fabrics and exquisite tailoring make a statement across the line translating to their subtle, laid-back use of logos.

Making their own take on the trends of this season, a double denim ensemble is slotted within the collection. Flared trousers compliment a matching jacket with slits in the leg, transforming this look from trending to timeless. 

As we move in a new direction when it comes to clothing with high demand for ageless styles, it’s no surprise seeing PANAGA grow in popularity. So, before we all watch this underground brand begin to adorn bodies across the globe, whichever side of fashion you fall on whether it be streetwear or simplicity, they’re certainly one for the watchlist.

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Words: Lorna May