Small Steps Towards A More Eco Conscious Wardrobe

When trying to change our lives for the better there are many ways we can do it. Small changes to the way we live and our attitude towards the world can make all the difference to the environment around us as well as the people we hold dear. 

From donating to charity to cycling to work; there are loads of small ways to make a difference on the world we all share.. There’s a long way to go, and we must recognise that it’s a collective effort, but starting a sustainable lifestyle journey is the most important step towards a better future. You probably know that fast fashion has a negative impact on the environment, but do you know how you can make a positive impact just by making more eco friendly and slow fashion choices?

Fashion is a passion for many of us, but often the manufacture, shipping, and sale of clothes can damage the environment as well as hurt those who work in the industry. According to environmentalists 7billion for 7seas, the fast fashion industry produces 1 billion garments annually and is second only to oil as the world’s biggest polluter. This is why today we want to talk about eco fashion and how it can change your life, and the life of generations to come, for the better. Next time you want new clothes consider shopping at a thrift store or buying from someone secondhand – it could make a vital difference. Here are some of the best benefits of committing to eco fashion. 

The first reason why you should switch up your shopping routine to be more eco conscious is simple; it’s easy to do. You might think that making the switch to an eco way of life will be difficult and challenging but it is no more complex than what you already do. There are so many charity and thrift shops on the high street as well as online auction sites that all you to buy great clothes for less. 

Instead of forking out for a brand new dress for your next big event, why not consider Hire dresses instead? There are many companies out there that will let you hire dresses for a party or an occasion and then give it back without having to pay a huge fee. This is not only cheaper for you, but it will also be better for the environment as you are not bringing a new garment into your collection – one of the best ways to contribute to the slow fashion movement, is to not buy brand new clothes at all.

It is important to consider eco fashion as a well of expressing yourself and your taste when it comes to clothes. We all know that trends will often be in highstreet stores and aren’t always to our liking. Instead of buying clothes that you might not love, why not find secondhand clothes that are your taste instead? This way, you still get to feel fabulous without having to buy clothes for the sake of it. 

The main reason you should consider buying in a eco-friendly manner is the impact it will have on the environment. Manufacturing clothing, especially fast fashion, takes a lot of labor and energy, and shipping costs as well as distribution uses a lot of energy and has a huge carbon footprint. Did you know that it would take 13 years to drink the amount of water it takes to produce 1 t-shirt and a pair of jeans? By shopping secondhand you will be able to avoid contributing to the extra energy use and as a result, you will be doing good.

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