The Timeless Beauty of Retro Chic

Within the ever growing fashion industry, it can be harder than ever to stand out as a unique and memorable brand – but overcoming the odds, jewellery makers Retro Chic have steadily been gaining increased popularity among fashion enthusiasts. Founded just four short years ago in Florence by jewellery designer and GIA certified jeweller Yvonne He, Retro Chic is an Italian contemporary luxury jewellers inspired by Renaissance and Art Nouveau periods. Launched in 2018, Retro Chic embarked on their journey by opening pop-up stores around Europe and from this moment on, their eye catching jewels and impressive workmanship caught the attention of press. Worn by fashion influencers and celebrities alike, Retro Chic’s pieces have been spotted everywhere from Love Island worn by Brett Staniland to London Fashion Week, worn by fashion director Rosana Lai.  

Every piece of Retro Chic’s jewellery is carefully made using natural materials, perusing their collection, you’ll often come across 925 sterling silver with a luxurious touch of plated gold, gemstones and semi-precious stones. Supporting sustainable practices, they avoid using man-made and synthetic materials that can cause harm to our environment. And importantly, Retro Chic doesn’t waste any jewellery from previous collections, rather than disposing of older unsold jewellery like many fast fashion brands, these collections are sold online and auctioned off live on social media platforms such as TikTok and WeChat, for admirers around the globe to purchase.  

Undoubtedly Retro Chic delivers visually beautiful jewellery, but scratch beneath the surface and you’ll find that the inspiration and the story behind each collection is just as important. Every jewellery collection has it’s own theme and name, one of their most popular ranges titled ‘Hope’ was inspired by the well known tale of the dove and olive branch, a symbol of peace in the story of Noah’s Ark. The multiple layers and dimensions in the  design reflect the challenges and difficulties Noah faced in the journey, in the same way we face challenges everyday but never give up. The olive green coloured gemstone in the middle inspired by the olive branch the dove carried, the gemstone represents ‘Hope’, the hope given to Noah. Much as their name suggests, Retro Chic blends ancient stories with modern sophisticated design, resulting in exquisitely crafted jewellery to be treasured for a lifetime. 

In addition to more formal pieces, Retro Chic has also released  themed sets of more playful and fun jewellery collections drawing  from a wide range of cultural and historical influences. Their ‘Shiny  Tears’ collection features East Asian manga and cartoon inspired  designs, encapsulating a playful youthfulness which is cleverly featured on earrings and necklaces. Whilst the ‘Victoria’ collection, is an ode to the British Victorian period, widely recognised, among other things, for the magnificent style of Queen Victoria and other period fashion, notably; corsets. This collection was inspired by the Queen’s crown, corset and the paintings from Victoria era – brought back to life through a series of beautiful necklaces and rings.  

Retro Chic jewellery can be bought in their Parisan store, and across mainland China, and can also be purchased online globally. 

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Words: Adam Chi Lung Chan