Timberland Introduces The Next Generation Boat

What can be deemed as one of the most timeless and robust shoe brands since 1952, Timberland continues to use a range of traditional techniques and modern materials to craft shoes and boots that are designed to endure the test of time.

The workwear tycoon pursues to innovate by recently marrying new, eco-conscious materials with their  iconic classic boat shoe. Greenstride™ comfort soles are made from 75% renewable sugar cane and rubber from trees which the brand first began using for FW21. ReBOTL™ fabric is used on the shoe linings and contain at least 50% recycled plastic, while EVA-blend foam midsoles add an extra cushion. Regenerative leather is used for the uppers and is sourced from farms whose agricultural practices actually help improve soil and restore the environment.

Whilst having successfully merged workwear with fashion, Timberland continues to stay true to it’s heritage values by ensuring the utmost quality whilst advancing their traditional pieces. Inspired by the 3-eye lug hand-sewn boat shoe design, the GreenStride ray City EK+ Boat Shoes and GreenStride TBL Originals Ultra EK+ Boat shoes combine classic boat shoe uppers with new rugged, yet lightweight GreenStride soles, adding a modern kick to a wardrobe staple.

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Words: Shanna Bent