Ines Rae releases her anthem for individualism ‘Parma Violets’ | Premiere

Wasting no time after the release of ‘Burner Phone’ that explored ghosting and the emotional effects, Ines Rae has returned with ‘Parma Violets’. 

The introspective, glowing Pop track sees the 20 year-old Pop dynamo make a stand for her individualism by distancing herself from the popular crowd and the toxic culture that often comes with it. Ines finds her authenticity and approaches the subject with maturity, creating an atmospheric sonic realm where her melodic vocal lines flourish. The song’s hook is guaranteed to pull listeners in deeply; this is Pop music at its finest.

Opening up about the song’s inspiration, Ines shares: “Parma Violets were my favourite sweets growing up. When I was writing this song, the idea came from my time at school. I remember playground games where everyone would pretend that the tuck shop sweets were pills. Looking back it’s kind of messed up for kids of that age to even be thinking about this kind of stuff – or to think that it’s a cool thing to make games about. I want this song to be a metaphor – an anthem for everyone who has ever felt like they have had to follow the crowd to fit in. If you don’t feel comfortable doing what everyone else is doing, that’s okay. It’s actually way cooler to be your own person.”

Ines’ music has become a relatable ear for fans all over the globe who feel the strain of adolescence and are finding their own footing. ‘Parma Violets’ is one of Ines Rae’s strongest yet, beautifully paving the way for her music to blossom further.

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