Alto Key | 5 Minutes With

Indie musician and social media trailblazer Alto Key returns with a softer pace on ‘the day we met‘, blending a stripped back acoustic sound with his head-over-heels lyrics, bringing a touch of romance to his eclectic and unapologetically authentic sound. Boasting an impressive 1.6 million followers across TikTok and Instagram, Alto Key’s loyal following is hooked on his every word. We caught up with him to talk inspiration and what powers his original music.

The new track slows down the pace and is really heartfelt. What inspired the soothing and sincere tone to this track?

I had been wanting to do a cute love song for a while now. I made a similar lo-fi sound on social media that went viral and I realised I could combine both concepts into one song. I wrote ‘the day we met’ so that it would fit perfectly with romantic occasions like weddings, whilst also being something that could be used for people to share special moments where they met loved ones. Behind all that though, the lyrics and message really came from my heartfelt love for my partner which I think is why the track feels so raw and authentic.

You have a really strong social media presence and were the most duetted user on UK TikTok in 2021. Is original music creation important for your creativity as well as your more user-focused content? Do you think your audience resonates with it?

Original music is always going to be my main passion. That said, self promotion can get repetitive on social media so mixing your style with trends and relatable content is a great way to ease people into your own stuff without pushing it too hard.

What would your advice be for new artists on social media?

I think it’s really easy to compare yourself to what others are doing. I’d ignore all that, focus on yourself and combine your own brand and style with making videos optimised for sharing. All these social media algorithms prioritise shareable content so make content where you are uniquely yourself, but with a twist that allows for remixing or sharing (e.g. duets, people using your sound). That’s been my recipe for success at least!

What does the songwriting process look like for you?

I always think about the main message or “hook” of the song first- you can write the most beautiful verse lyrics throughout but, ultimately, people are looking for something unique that also resonates and connects with them personally. If I’m honest, once I’ve got an idea like that really nailed down, the verses and other parts of the song fall into place quite easily. It’s always that starting point that’s the toughest.

What do you hope to be doing a year from now?

I really want to branch out into doing more collaborations. Being a solo artist is very empowering, but working with other passionate artists is a true joy that I hope will shine through in some of my upcoming projects!

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