Cult Of Y Team Up with Maliibu Miitch on ‘Bow Your Head’

Experimental Swedish pop duo, Cult Of Y, return with their latest single ‘Bow Your Head’ featuring American rapper Maliibu Miitch. The track coincides with the release of their debut EP ‘W.I.P.’ – a project that takes listeners on a journey across seven productions – which you can listen to today. ‘Bow Your Head’ merges the duo’s love for dark-pop alongside Miitch’s world-renowned hip-hop flair, making for a truly unique collaboration. It’s a piece of work that was eight years in the making and features an intriguing sample from Odetta’s ‘Bald Headed Woman’. The artists then expanded the soundscape with layers of dark electronica, whilst centring the track around an effortless vocal delivery that makes for a powerful, yet haunting listen. It’s hip-hop with a message, transcending the strange madness we live in today. 

Speaking on the project, Cult Of Y proclaim: ”In a way our reality is a remix of everything that’s come before, which means that nothing is original nor sacred anymore. It’s sad but at the same time liberating. The music of Cult of Y is based on friction and sprung from layers of long lost songs and beats. You could call it intrusive but the purpose is simple and sincere – to make something old sound new.” 

The duo also comments further on ‘Bow Your Head’s’ accompanying music video: “It’s a glimpse of what’s to come. In under 3 minutes it contains both crime and punishment – acts of terror, horrific murders and feasts of joy. In its fragmented form, with pieces and building blocks sprung from the past and the present, from the ‘real’ world and from our ‘fake’ one, the future of our creation is revealed.” 

Cult Of Y is an audiovisual duo consisting of producer August Vinberg and film director Robin Kempe-Bergman. It’s no surprise then that they excel in bringing their productions to life with stunning, cinematic visuals. With a growing back catalogue of compelling, high-end music videos, the artists elevate their work further with their latest release. Taking on a monochromatic, gothic inspired style, the artists introduce the viewer to a chaotic world which grapples with the horrid feelings of our unoriginal reality. It’s the perfect display of who Cult Of Y are as multidisciplinary artists – certified out of the box thinkers, unwilling to follow the norms of the music industry, making political statements along the way. With both ‘Bow Your Head’ and ‘W.I.P’ now available to stream, we’re sure this is just the start of their ascent. 

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Words: Jake Wright