Florence Rose Unveils Ethereal New Single ‘In Your Room’ Ahead of Debut Headline Show

As a collective, we’re turning away from cookie-cutter pop icons and formulated hits, towards more alternative scenes in search of emerging artists initiating music revolutions that will define the next decade. Part of the tide of artists punching holes in the perimeters of music production is Florence Rose, a multi-dimensional creative who has probably come up on your feed in the past for her filmmaking and modelling endeavours or, if you already have your head deeply submerged in the sandy depths of underground music, alternative pop.

Her new single ‘In Your Room‘, a mix of trip-hop and dream pop is proof that genres don’t exist, it’s a celebration of experimentation, creating an audible world that you can only experience through this artist. If you haven’t already given the track a listen, close your eyes, hit play, and let the spellbinding sounds of Florence Rose carry you into a realm where melodies twist like tendrils around the soul, vocals linger in the air like the smell of expensive perfume and hints of her gothic charm beckon you further into the ethereal.

Once you’ve managed to lift yourself from the meditative state that Florence Rose’s music tends to put listeners into, open your eyes and experience the visuals that accompany it. Directed by Zak Watson, the video for ‘In Your Room’ is a fever dream, influenced by the surrealism of classic cinema and Victorian aesthetics, designed to be a disorienting watch. “It all takes place within one set that we built in the style of an abandoned bedroom with peeling wallpaper, pages of books scattered around, and broken antiques.” Says Florence. “As the track progresses, the lyrics blend into each other, sounds overlap, and the room begins to deteriorate and collapse into me.”

With her debut headline show at Folklore in Hackney selling out faster than her fans could blink, dwindling tickets left for her live second performance at Paper Dress Vintage in May (snag one while you still can) and the upcoming release of her mini-album, ‘My Lust Is My Religion’ due this summer, everything’s coming up Florence Rose.

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Words: Lorna Tyler