Bella Hutton shines on ballad ‘Reality’

Emerging singer-songwriter Bella Hutton returns with her latest single ‘Reality’, a beautiful pop inspired ballad that shows how much potential the artist has. The release comes fresh off the back of her debut year in the industry, with previous singles ‘Only You’ and ‘Shadows’ displaying a real talent for storytelling. ‘Reality’ was inspired by a painful relationship, finding herself in a situation where she loved the other person but received nothing in return. It’s a song that surely resonate with many, and the artist hopes to bring a sense of hope to those in a similar situation. With such a personal song comes swathes of emotion, and Bella’s beautiful vocals only pushes this further. 

Writing in such an emotive manner is never easy, you’re displaying vulnerability to thousands of unknown people and really letting them into your life. It’s an area where Bella thrives, appearing relatable throughout, the track shifts and swells with the stirring sentiment that she has poured into it. Speaking of the meaning behind the lyrics, Bella revealed: “I wrote the chorus of this song sitting in my car crying lol. Then I listened back a week later and thought it actually sounded quite good so I decided to work on it with my producer and through my true emotions it all came together. It’s really based on how I felt at the time, being with someone who really didn’t care about me and it hurt so I wrote a song about it. I felt a realisation that the person I was with really was ‘pushing me down’. I felt lost in myself at the time and the song/video really reflects that.”

Bella plans to accompany ‘Reality’ with a music video to really help bring the story together in a visual manner. Due sometime in the near future, Bella wants the video to support those who find themselves in a similar situation to herself, there is light at the end of the tunnel. It’ll be the first time the artist has released such a concept, and we’re sure it’ll impress. On the music video, Bella states: “In terms of the video I really wanted to portray the sense of journey that I went through after writing the song. Removing myself from a toxic relationship and finding myself again, as cringe as that sounds! I’d like it to be a message for anyone else who finds themselves in a similar position, you have to have the courage to walk away.”

‘Reality’ definitely shows Bella’s boundless potential. Angelic vocals and an authentic take on songwriting, you can’t help but feel with more releases, the artist will really take off. Bella has been prepared for the spotlight since she was 13, when her modelling career kicked off, but since she’s put her full energy into music, you can only see one trajectory for her career now. We’re sure to keep our eyes out for the future starlet. 

You can listen to Bella Hutton’s latest single ‘Reality’ below. 

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Words: Jake Wright