Noha Saré ‘Lost’ | Video Premiere

A 24-year-old Amsterdam-based singer/songwriter Noha Saré unveils ‘Lost’ taken from her forthcoming EP, dropping later this year. Besides Noha’s soulful vocal delivery, she premiers striking visuals with immaculate choreography.

Analysing the core of ‘Lost’, Noha speaks on uncertainty and the appeal of not knowing what’s next. She elaborates: “Everybody has their own demons, and it’s okay to talk about it. Most everyone has struggled with not knowing who they are, what they really want in life or where they’re headed. I got better in finding peace with who I am, including all the ups and downs, by accepting that it is okay to be scared and insecure and it’s okay to not know where you’re heading”.

You can’t put ‘Baby’ in the corner, and the same thing goes for Noha Saré. She is becoming a swinging phenomenon that enjoys digging in her polarising personalities and embracing their contradictions. The same idea is present in the ‘Lost’ music video.

She explains: “The video was directed by director, performer, and visual artist (& best friend) Izak Berman. My internal fight is embodied by 8 female performers. Two of them engage in a game of attraction and repulsion. The video shows an enchanting oscillation between pleasure and pain, past and future, hope and disbelief. Within a surreal composition, which seems to be somewhere between a dream and reality, showing the obscure side of my world.”

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Words: Karolina Kramplova