Player Dave debuts an ethereal music video for ‘Dumb’

The electronic music world’s underground is home to a massive number of talents as innovative as they are creative, pioneering the sounds of tomorrow and influencing the music industry in larger ways than we can imagine. One of those bright names is Player Dave, whose journey starting to release music back in 2016 has now led to the release of his debut album Where the Wind Blew Me, a truly impressive effort. 

Where The Wind Blew Me follows a brief hiatus from Player Dave in order to focus on mental and spiritual rehabilitation, coming right after lead singles “Dumb” and “Boundless Perception.” The album acts as a testament to Player Dave’s ability to craft immersive auditory stories, as well as combine ethereal atmospheres, bright synths and organic percussion to form his very own sound. 

Noctis are now elated to be premiering the music video for “Dumb,” a captivating visual starring Player Dave himself. Edited by Sirasounds, the perfectly shot and coloured visual takes place in a bright desert setting, before blue undertones take over as the sequences get darker and darker. It is a stunning visual companion to Where The Wind Blew Me, showcasing Player Dave’s immaculate taste for clean and playful visuals. Fuelled by a detailed colour palette and a beautifully stylised aesthetic, the video offers an insightful glimpse into the mind of Player Dave through strong cinematography.

Featuring collaborations with sumthin sumthin, Brakebill and FLY, Where The Wind Blew Me is for the most part a solo record, showcasing Player Dave at his best. Tracks such as “An Ode To March“ and “Gili Thoughts” are perfect examples of Player Dave’s ability to craft soothing and organic lo-fi influenced beats that are as relaxing as they are punchy. Tracks like “Leadership” and “Nasi Goreng” on the other hand are minimal yet exciting experimental bass gems driven by rumbling low end and impressive sound design. The music video for lead single “Dumb” is yet another beautiful addition to the project, shot in the desert while starring Player Dave himself. 

“After going through a huge transformation in my life, I found it almost impossible to express these experiences into a 4 minute song, so I decided to make 11. The use of atmospheric tones, as well as field recordings from across the globe, mixed with hip hop inspired drums and percussion, I wanted this album to feel like not only a journey, but a destination. This album is my musical expression of what my life was like, what happened, and where I’m at now,” says Player Dave. 

Player Dave has been a musician since his youth, growing up playing piano, cello, drums, violin and more, influences that have contributed to his ever expanding palette of sounds and style, which ranges from old school hip-hop and lo-fi to experimental bass and melodic trap. Having collaborated with celebrated names such as quickly, quickly, Mr. Bill and blake skowron, Player Dave has independently built an impressive catalog of gems, something that has allowed him to perform at festivals by the likes of Lightning in a Bottle and open for beloved acts like CharlesTheFirst. 

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Words: Ben Beamish

Photography: Moody Darkroom

Lead Director: Brennen Harper

Director of Photography: Jonathan Coyne

First Assistant Camera: Eric Fowler

Editor: Aris