BIZZY’s New Confessional Track ‘I Don’t Get Breakups’

Earlier this month marked the arrival of BIZZY‘s latest musical offering, I Don’t Get Breakups.‘ Hailing from the heart of Maryland, BIZZY is turning heads in the vibrant pop landscape of Nashville, and she’s doing it in style. 

A true wordsmith by profession, she has carved her niche within the indie-pop universe, previously working behind the scenes, penning hits for other artists. Now, she’s stepping into the spotlight with a sound that is uniquely hers, melding the unapologetic authenticity of Julia Michaels, and the production finesse echoing Rainbow Kitten Surprise.

BIZZY first gained widespread recognition when a snippet of her song ‘Anybody’ went viral on TikTok. Since its release in April 2022, the track has amassed nearly 10 million streams on various platforms. Her discography boasts newer fan-favourite singles like ‘My Age,’ praised by V Magazine as “a witty, emotive, and empathetic pop anthem.” 

Her new indie-pop confessional track, ‘I Don’t Get Breakups’ is a poignant and rock-infused exploration of the complexities of breaking up – something that can leave most of us feeling lost. Co-written with Fran Litterski and Brandon Meagher, BIZZY leverages her unique diaristic songwriting style to capture the raw emotions of heartache.

The track is a guitar-driven emotional rollercoaster, filled with introspective verses and soulful vocals that resonate deeply with anyone who’s navigated the confusing path from lovers to strangers. With lyrics like “Went from my whole world to just living in it / Who even came up with that definition?” she lays bare the tumultuous journey that follows the end of a relationship. 

Delving into the inspiration behind the song, BIZZY shares, “I was reflecting on a relationship that had ended before writing the song, and it dawned on me how bizarre breakups are. How can we go from loving someone with all our hearts (like it physically hurts how bad you love them), and then over time, falling out of love with them? One day they’re your person, and your whole world revolves around them… then all of a sudden, something happens and we’re strangers living on the same planet.”

With her music, BIZZY invites listeners into her world, creating an intimate space where she becomes that supportive friend you can lean on, the unfiltered voice articulating thoughts others shy away from, and the delightful ‘hot mess’ we all cherish in our lives.

As BIZZY continues her musical journey, she’s poised to leave an indelible mark on the indie-pop landscape and beyond. 

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Words by Izabel Rose