Budakid Releases Psychedelic EP ‘If Chickens Could Talk’

Last year the pandemic decimated the night-time industry, causing clubs to close their doors for over a year. It was a period that undoubtedly caused serious economic and social consequences; however, it did give music artists time to breathe, reset and venture back into the studio free of any previous expectations. That sense of freedom has been heard throughout 2021, in what has been a truly refreshing year for electronic music. The latest of which comes from Berlin based producer, Budakid who offers a melodic, psychedelic escape in his latest two track EP ‘If Chickens Could Talk’ released via Disco Halal

Delving into the world of alternative dance music, the artist creates an enthralling journey with enigmatic synths, and pulsating riffs that guide the listener into a dreamy head space. In many ways, the songs unique nature comes from questioning the world we live in today, as Budakid explains: 

“Living in a world where we have the illusion of doing the right thing. But what if chickens could talk and tell us we’re doing something completely wrong.”‘If Chickens Could Talk’ marks the artists second appearance on the label, after the release of last years ‘Ochre Tuesday’. It’s a release that only adds further momentum for an artist making significant waves in the dance world. Having racked up over five million streams on Spotify alone, the artist is very much on the verge of exploding into the mainstream, and who knows, ‘If Chickens Could Talk’ might very well be the catalyst for exactly that. With such an impressive collection of tracks coming so early in his career, who knows just how far Budakid can go.

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Words: Jake Wright