Catching Up With Rheez

Rheez has loved music for as long as he can remember. His upbringing is directly linked to his musical identity, and both have grown and matured alongside each other. Introduced to music at a young age by his father, he found himself sitting behind the drum kit at the age of twelve, listening to Gorillaz, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Red Hot Chili Peppers to name a few. However, throughout his teenage years he discovered a ZEN MP3 Player, and spent long school holidays listening to 90s hip-hop classics. 

These influences can be heard in his single ‘Pe$Os.’ Atmospheric synths provide the perfect canvas for the rest of the track, on top his well-penned bars are tinged with rawness and emotion whilst drums cut through the mix reverberating energy throughout the track. We sat down with Rheez to discuss ‘Pe$Os’ in more detail. 

Hey Rheez, your new single ‘Pe$os’ is melodic rap at its finest. What was your biggest inspiration when recording the new single?

I appreciate that! Just a moment in time really, a mood, a re-collection of thought, I like to look at myself as a defiant triple threat artist, this track gives an insight to that.

How would you describe your sound and what artists inspire you the most?

I’d go with melodic trap, that ain’t to shy the fact that any sound you give me I’m a dance on it. Respectfully. I like M Huncho, Skepta, Giggs, Anuel AA, Tory Lanez – I like a lot of artists

‘Pe$os’ is a track that really vents frustration- would you say your music is an emotional outlet for you?

Most definitely, it is my main form of therapy, and a vessel to provide a message to those in need. 

Your upbringing was shared between Malta and the UK, how has this affected your art? If at all?

It’s been a mad journey, one day people will realise how far this is going to go. 

What can you see yourself doing this time next year?

Bigger & better, some big moves in store, don’t blink.

What do you have in store?

Some big tracks coming to close the song, also my ninja pack which is a series of freestyle remixes with videos that can be found on my YouTube and SoundCloud.

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