Cinta Laura Kiehl Shares Infectious New Single ‘Markisa’

Following her latest single ‘Cloud 9,’ which was released back in 2020, Indonesian talent Cinta Laura Kiehl has returned once again with a bang, sharing arguably her biggest song to date with ‘Markisa.’ An immensely talented actor and musician, Cinta Laura Kiehl spent a lot of years in the US, studying at the prestigious Columbia University and later following her passion for acting in Hollywood, something that led to her being featured in dozens of films, and working with many acclaimed international brands. 

‘Markisa’ marks her fourth single following a 7-year hiatus, and it’s crystal clear that the talented singer is here to stay. Coming alongside an sumptuous, impressive music video, filled with various dancers, exciting locations and all-around good energy, ‘Markisa’ perfectly blends ethnic and contemporary influences in a combination that results in a remarkable piece of pop music. “If I’m being honest, I’m trying to mix different genres in this single. There is Bollywood, dancehall, and pop,” says the artist. “The melody itself is based on my obsession with new-age Bollywood. As a producer, Eka was able to render my concept and inspiration successfully into tunes that I wanted.” 

Such an ambitious project could not have been brought to life without an all-star team behind it, and Cinta Laura Kiehl has definitely managed to put together some of the best producers and writers out there for ‘Markisa.’ Producer Eka Gustiwana is the name behind the vibrant instrumental elements of the song, whose diverse soundscapes hits hard and inflict an irresistible feeling of excitement, while Melissa Sudarsono helped Cinta Laura Kiehl with the songwriting process, and Ganzerlana recorded the traditional Indonesian instruments that take over the chorus. Some of those instruments include Minang lute, saluang and sarunai, Borneonese sape and vocal, dangdut drum, and Sundanese drum, touches to the song that undoubtedly contribute to its international appeal, while paying homage to traditional Indonesian music. “I think the youth needs to promote Indonesian culture through pop music to show the public that traditional instruments are cool and perfect for modern music as well. It is time for us to show the world that Indonesian instruments can be catchy and iconic” explains Cinta Laura Kiehl. 

Markisa‘ is the Indonesian word for passionfruit and there is no doubt that Cinta Laura Kiehl’s audience will find this song just as sweet. The dazzling music video has already amassed almost 500 thousand views since its release and is looking to bookmark yet another hit in Cinta Laura Kiehl’s catalog, set to propel her impressive career even further. 

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