Claire Maisto Takes Back Control On ‘John Tucker’

Emerging American singer-songwriter Claire Maisto shows her enigmatic side with the artists latest single ‘John Tucker’. As the name rightly gives away, the song is inspired by the iconic film John Tucker Must Die, where the lead actor dates four girls without any of them knowing. Claire pays homage to this by creating her very own scintillating storyline, where a girl finds out she’s being cheated on and uses the movie as inspiration to get back at the boy. It’s storytelling at its finest. This is all brought together by a cinematic lyric video, that see’s Claire take stage in her very own pink paradise, exclusively premiered here at Noctis Magazine. The result is an empowered anthem that she hopes will remind everyone who listens to it that they are indeed ‘that bitch’. 

On the inspiration, as well as the message behind the single, Claire explains: “I’ve always loved those 2000’s romantic comedies, especially the movie ‘John Tucker Must Die’, and I love creating characters within my music. At some points, the song is tongue-in-cheek and funny, but then there are moments that encapsulate all the hurt and pain that come with being betrayed. I did that because a bad breakup can be such a rollercoaster of emotions and I wanted the song to feel like one too. Even though I don’t have my own ‘John Tucker,’ I’ve had enough tumultuous experiences in love to be able to stitch together a collage of personal experiences and fiction. I hope ‘John Tucker’ is something that people can listen to after a failed relationship and connect with it, or feel a little better.”

‘John Tucker’ perfectly encapsulates everything Claire speaks about. Appearing throughout as comical, sultry, and totally in control, the single is a gripping experience. For the artist, the noughties have been a continuous source of influence throughout her work. Inspired by pop, R&B and hip-hop from the decade, you hear that notoriously slick, phased production throughout the song. In fact, you could confidently say that ‘John Tucker’ is the most on brand release the artist has ever made, with her totally unique personality shining throughout.

Claire emits a confident, bad-bitch, say-anything attitude throughout her music, despite being very shy and non-confrontational away from the mic. Using her material to say things she’s too afraid to say out loud, she aims to share that catharsis with her audience, writing music for the people-pleasures, overachievers, and perfectionists who need a space to be impolite or imperfect to own it. In a sense, writing songs is very much a therapeutic experience for Claire, who not only has the ability to tell theatrical stories such as ‘John Tucker’, but also those personal, introspective songs that make you feel connected to an artist. 

It’s not often a release as fun as this comes along. Since the pandemic hit, things have understandably taken a more serious tone. But with ‘John Tucker’, underneath its playful themes lies an empowering message of knowing your personal value and not taking any unwarranted shit. Beyond the message is a seriously catchy song that sees Claire really hone in on who she is as an artist. It sees her standing in her own unique position in the industry where she could very much build a reputation for juxtaposing the serious messages with tongue in cheek themes. But for now, the noughties are back, and they’re not going anywhere fast. 

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Words: Jake Wright
Photography: Jeremy Aguirre