Love, Joy and Pride with Piera Van De Wiel on ‘Love Is Meant For You’

June represents an annual month of celebration for the LGBTQIA+ community. Known as pride month, it allows us to not only celebrate their journey but also tell people’s stories that would otherwise have been lost. Piera Van De Wiel’s latest single ‘Love Is Meant for You’ does exactly that. The release is a heartfelt celebration of free and universal love that’s also deeply introspective and devastatingly personal. The artist stands on unique ground in the music industry, as well known for her activism as she is for her expressive pop music, the LGBTQIA+ community as well as women’s charities have always been close to her heart. 

In Piera’s eyes, ‘Love Is Meant for You’ is a celebration of individualism, where that beauty that lies within should never be hidden away. As the artist explains: “Ooze love, joy and PRIDE! Anyone can love and be loved. As a proud member of the gorgeous LGBTQ+ community I’m so happy to share this track and most importantly give out love to you all. I believe it’s so important to reveal your true self and your true feelings to the one you like most. I know it’s freakin’ scary, but I believe it’s a risk worth taking!”

It’s the message of joy that resonates throughout that’s most captivating about the single. That feel good factor is heard across Piera’s beautiful vocals, as well as it’s upbeat production. In fact, you could easily see ‘Love Is Meant for You’ becoming a beloved summer anthem. Created as a song for everyone who celebrates the equality of universal love. ‘Love Is Meant for You’ is also for those that haven’t yet confessed to your crush, to your friend, someone you think you could never have. As the world starts to open up now, it’s the perfect time to proudly celebrate the prospect of a brighter future. After all, we’ve all had enough dark days over the last 12 months to last a lifetime. 

Piera has consistently strived for equality and open conversation in the LGBTQIA+ community, a group where she finds herself to a proud member, giving the artist that extra burst of passion throughout everything she does. You just have to take one look at her achievements to know what a star she is. The artist founded the collective Stronger With Music that promotes the importance of music and mental health and music and social impact. With every song she releases, she hopes to benefit others; from her single release in 2019 “Come Back Home” which was written to aid humanitarian efforts in the Abacos Bahamas that was destroyed by Hurricane Dorian to her single “Used” which has been supported by the United Nations Spotlight Initiative in order to raise funds for women and girls that have suffered or are suffering from domestic violence.

‘Love Is Meant for You’ is yet another dime in the artist’s discography, showing her to be a true force of good in the music world. Simplistic and yet powerful, the single sends a message we can all get behind. There’s no room for discrimination in this world and we should all be proud of who we really are. And for anyone questioning the power of music, you really need to look no further than Piera… it can make such a huge difference to people’s lives.

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Words: Jake Wright
Photography: Molly E Smith