Daimy Lotus Releases Irresistible Single ‘Pathetic’

Rotterdam-based singer and songwriter Daimy Lotus is following up her explosive single ‘Over You.’ ‘Pathetic’ is equally explosive with its topic – insufferable millennial male dating trope: the fuckboy.

‘Pathetic’ is an infectious offering. Guitars are drenched in overdrive and electrifying – reverberating energy throughout the track. The backbone of the track comes in the form of hard-hitting drums and bass that work hand in hand to create a rock groove that will get you up and dancing. Her voice is packed with emotion and narrates her lyrics well whilst the vocal melodies are infectious and provide the perfect hooks in this powerful pop-rock anthem. 

There wasn’t a specific person that came to mind while writing this song,” explains Daimy. “I just had this kinda aggressive and disgusting feeling coming up while hearing the chords that were played, so I knew I had to tap into that and the fuckboy-theme is what came out of it. The fact that I couldn’t link it to one specific person is because I’ve had many messed up experiences where guys would just walk all over me, pushing my limits to get what they want and never even consider once what I wanted.

Writing about themes of heartbreak, mental health, and self-growth, Daimy Lotus’ punchy sounds and powerful hooks make for an addictive listen. An advocate of inclusion sees Daimy’s music as accommodating and connecting with people who experience life in a variety of ways, ensuring that everyone feels both seen and heard. Settling easily into the ears of any pop lover, Daimy’s crashing pop tunes are a force to be reckoned with.

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Words: Lewis Abbott
Photography: Charlotte van der Gaag