Dana McCoy Rewards Our Patience on ‘To Those Who Wait’

Born in Maryland but based in LA, Dana McCoy is one talented woman. Having studied at NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, it doesn’t take a genius to know that her craft is important to her. You can hear it in each of the tracks on her new release. This is Dana’s first EP after a stream of singles have been hinting at something more for some time now. It’s the perfect way to cement her identity to new and old fans alike. Titled To Those Who Wait, it allows us to understand McCoy more than before. 

With just four tracks, it touches upon love, loss and the emotional intensity of these moments. She takes her inspiration from an array of sources, from Etta James to Sza. As someone who is a fan of both, her influences are clear but so is her own identity; her own sound and lyrical input are very much a stamp of her own making. 

Throughout the four tracks, she is able to reflect how she feels so clearly. When we reach the final track, we are treated to some of her best work.Tethered treats us to matter-of-fact statements, and makes for the perfect closer on the EP. 

Music like this feels intimate. As she is someone who doesn’t shy away from the vulnerable, it seems we can expect more moments like this from McCoy, and I cannot wait until we do. Until then, we have To Those Who Wait to keep us going.

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Words: Janita Purcell