Ella McCready Empowers With ‘Fine On My Own’

London based singer songwriter Ella McCready has just released the music video for her latest single ‘Fine On My Own’. Inspired by a toxic breakup, the visuals showcase the many stages between breaking up and breaking free. Honest and incredibly personal throughout, the artist gives us an honest look into the realities of escaping from emotionally manipulative behaviour. What stands out is the songs empowering message, unafraid to show us herself at her most vulnerable, Ella blossoms throughout, transcending the beauty that comes with breaking free. It’s a truly beautiful journey. 

Speaking about the story behind the song, Ella explains: “The song is inspired, quite simply, by a bad break up. I feel like I should be clear in saying that in terms of my own experience, I’m not singing about literal ‘bruises’ so much as emotional ones. I’ve unfortunately had experience of quite emotionally manipulative behaviour and therefore also experienced what it’s like to break free from it; that’s essentially what both the song and the video are about – the escape. In the video you see three different versions of escapism – singing, music, and running. These are all ways in which we like to lose ourselves and in my case, and the case of who I was when I was writing the song, ways in which to escape a crappy situation.

Describing ‘Fine On My Own’ as a motivational song, Ella has that innate song writing ability to bring joy out of harrowing personal experiences. As the song grows, as does the powerful, joyful emotion you can feel as a listener, it’s as if you can hear the artists journey back to finding herself again. To anyone that ever finds themselves going through a similar situation the artist would want to send the following message: “To understand their own strength and to know that they don’t need anybody else in order to know their own worth”. The songstress adds, “It’s always good to be reminded that you are all you need. I think that’s an empowering thought.” Born into a family of musicians, it’s hardly surprising to see Ella grow into the emerging talent she is today. Now with a handful of singles to her name, the artists colourful and uplifting sound burns brightly and with an incredibly powerful voice to boot that helps to tell her empowering stories, she’s built a successful formula to build upon. Taking sonic inspiration from the likes of Jess Glynne and Clean Bandit, Ella’s beautiful voice looks set to grip many listeners in the months to come.

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Words: Jake Wright

Photography: Frances Bell