Finn O’Hara Makes a Captivating Debut on ‘Silhouette’

At just seventeen years old, Irish singer/songwriter Finn O’Hara has an indefinable maturity to his music. Stripped back with soft caresses of the piano keys and a smooth, atmospheric Pop beat, Finn shows that he is a chart-topper in the making. Finn’s vocal delivery will hook you in before his impassioned lyrics sink in deep and the chorus takes a hold- Pop music at its finest.

Like many other musicians, Finn found his passion for songwriting during the pandemic, hoping to make connections through music and create something that others could resonate with. Now, two years later, Finn is in the process of creating his debut album that we can hope to hear soon.

After the release of ‘Silhouette’ just over a month ago, it has already racked up over 100,000 streams on Spotify alone. This certainly isn’t the last we’ve seen from the talented newcomer.

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