Promis3 Traverse New Horizons

Belgian hyperpop duo, Promis3 return with their latest single ‘New Horizon’. Known for their introspective lyrical style, the duo once again take listeners on a journey, this time through one of beauty and utopia. Placing a key focus around the ruthless desire to succeed, Promis3 highlights the many obstacles that can come before you finally reach where you want to be. Arriving in the form of a power ballad, the artists lay bare their passion for the artform. Having established a reputation for their avant-garde approach to contemporary pop music, this release elevates their sound further, delivering an ode from the 90s with an array of euphoric trance synths that leads to a euphoric finale. 

On the message behind the single, Promis3 states: “It’s a symbolic representation of the agony that we undergo within the creative processes but also in life. We imagined ourselves travelling to a new world where things are better, going through extreme weather conditions on a raft on a wild and desolate sea, crossing seas and borders, with our goals being the final destination. We were being pulled there by the power of our ambitions.”  

Hyperpop is undoubtedly rising in popularity across the world, and perhaps what’s most interesting about the movement behind the microgenre is its loose definition. For Promis3, their vision of the sound is a futuristic one, that takes key elements of European club, as well as queer culture. By taking inspiration from places they closely connect with, the result is a truly personal aesthetic. ‘New Horizon’ sees the duo’s distinctive warped vocals take centre stage, pushing their message to their forefront and showcasing an ability to create fictional landscapes that bring their stories to life. 

‘New Horizon’ is accompanied by a beautifully shot editorial and visualiser photographed and directed by Lennert Madou, a fellow creative within the LGBTQ+ community in Antwerp. Both visuals display the Promis3 in garments created by lead singer, Brent and designer Jaimy Aris D’Hont, who both tirelessly worked for months to fulfil their vision. Such an action encompasses the mindset behind Promis3 and the emphasis they place on the visual arts.  

‘New Horizon’ represents the starting point of what looks set to be a huge 2022 for Promis3. Now two years into their journey, they continue to improve with each release, further defining their vision of the future. With so much more yet to come, the sky really is the limit. 

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Photography and Director: Lennert Madou