Flava D Live at Electric Brixton

Delivering her signature mix of drum and bass, garage and grime, the iconic artist Flava D once again delivered her renowned mix of acoustics. Drawing in the crowd of electric Brixton with her slow build-up of pulses followed by a heavy bass drop, the music of Flava D’s latest tracks ricocheted throughout the venue. Having played multiple venues across the world, the artist once again played at Electric Brixton, highlighted as one of her favourite venues, for her final UK show of 2018.

Throwing electric rhythms to the crowd, the exhilarating performance delivered throughout the night, created an intense atmosphere, built upon by the packed venue, lively dancers and racing strobe lights emerging from the stage. As one of the top names in drum and bass, Flava D drew in the crowd, swinging between a range of music genres, combining her unique drum and bass sound with elements of House and UKG.

Beginning her 3 hour long solo set, with one of her latest tracks ‘Way beyond’ due to be released on her next album, the artist renowned for club events, presented a varied spectrum of her musical style and rhythm, bouncing her unique beats around the venue until the early hours.

Enhancing her style Flava D has entered 2019 showcasing an even more versatile version of herself, building upon her new sound presented at electric Brixton, her mix of beats and iconic sound have once again pushed the name Flava D to the top of the UK music scene.

Words: Lorna May