TYDL Commands Attention with Empowering EP 

Brighton based duo TYDL, formed of Rebecca Valerie and Jack Dunstall, have concocted a powerful potion with their latest EP, Ethereal. As they cast some form of black magic, they entrance listeners, pulling them into a world where there is no shame in being whoever we want to be. Dark yet empowering, TYDL urges listeners to take control of their lives and be their most authentic selves, even if sometimes it means entering a new villain era. 

Ethereal is a four-track release that hears the duo take sounds from electronic, hip-hop, R&B and gospel genres. This one-of-a-kind amalgamation results in an intoxicating and heady release that keeps you hooked from start to finish. 

Title-track “Ethereal” tells the story of someone who was so madly in love that they put their love interest under a spell in order to assure they stay together forever. Rebecca shares, “The song is really about how we all have a part of us that can’t be controlled and we need to accept that and use it to our advantage.” Laden with soulful vocals and a reverberating bassline, “Ethereal” hits hard with a marching beat and haunting instrumentation. 

Then there is “God Complex” which takes Rebecca’s experiences from when she was a teenager and puts a big middle finger up to all the bullies. Twinkling synths introduce the track, before a throbbing beat enters with chiming percussion, creating an overall atmospheric release. 

“Bad Dreams” and “Yellow Roses” highlight TYDL’s love for artists such as Sigrid, Bastille and Avicii. Colliding electronic elements mix with clashing percussion and eerie tones, all underpinned by Rebecca’s strong and impressive vocal performance. 

Listening to Ethereal will certainly leave you feeling fueled and ready to take on anything or anyone that tries to get in your way.

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Words: Alexander Williams