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Every so often a songwriter comes along with the ability to sweep you away into their own world, and for some time, George Cosby has been making music that does exactly that. Today he releases his debut EP ‘We Stand Alone’ which makes for a truly immersive experience that sees the lyricist delve into the world of romance. Honing a unique vocal range that’s both rugged and seductive, the artist explores the early, lustful stages of a relationship with open-hearted allure. Totally introspective in its design, Cosby makes music that plays around the imperfections of everyday life, often transporting them into fantasy stories, which makes his music rather irresistible. 

Away from the personal experiences that fuel his artistry, Cosby’s love of film plays a key role on ‘We Stand Alone’. Inspired by those big revelations in life: romantic gestures life-affirming new adventures, and the endless potential of dreaming big, the artist transports the wholesome emotions felt throughout these cinematic experiences into his sonic output. Across five songs, the EP offers moments of pure unadulterated joy, whilst Cosby lays his heart to bear at other points – it’s an honest journey throughout. Ahead of the release of ‘We Stand Alone’, we caught up with the artist to learn all about the creative process behind the EP, the roots behind his sultry aesthetic, and we can expect from the artist in the future. 

Hey George, congratulations on the release of ‘We Stand Alone’! How did your creative journey lead you into the music industry?

Well I think slightly by accident honestly. I grew up with an art gallery for a front room at my mum’s house and always felt connected to the visual side of things, music was great fun to do with friends. I’d moved to London and took a 9-5 as a recent graduate and quickly realised it was not my calling. After a few gigs round town I’d received some encouragement and thought why not! It proved to be a good decision.

You’ve owned a sound that’s rich and seductive in its design. If anything, it resembles that feeling of early romance, reminiscent of the likes of Lana Del Ray and Arlo Parks. How did this aesthetic come about?

Thank you, yeah I get that. It was a combination of a love of film and their soundtracks and the un-shakeable romantic inside. I’ve always gravitated in writing to themes of love and a sort of reflective outlook on the world and when I started walking this road I left the doors wide open. Music and art in general has always been an escapist place for me so I wanted to translate that into my work and create little worlds to disappear into. 

This sound is ever present on your debut EP ‘You Stand Alone’ where you present a sultry pop sound. What was the inspiration behind the release? 

Good question. I’d been writing tracks for quite a long time so when it came to the EP we knew the singles and I wanted to put music around them that complemented each other and when sat together gave the listener, I hope, a good understanding of who I am as an artist. As one of my first moves I thought this was something important to aim for. I hope the tracks all bring their own little flavour to the party.

The release also showcases your personal songwriting style, tackling themes of breakups and lovestruck allure. How important is this introspective approach to your artistry?  

Definitely, I feel it’s important to look in however wacky a place you find in there. My writing takes moments from my life, my dreams and art or stories I find that resonate with me. It might not always root itself in the everyday realism of our modern lives, but I hope it’s somewhere listeners can transport themselves to for even a couple of minutes. 

There’s a level of cinematic production in your music that transports the listener into your world of storytelling. Is this something that originates from your love of film? 

Yes it is, a love a good film soundtrack, how together with the visual it hits a note more powerful than either alone. I’m intoxicated by strings and the feelings they can bring out of me so using that power as a key feature of my production was a no brainer. I feel very blessed to have met a number of uninhibitedly talented composers on my journey so far and for what they’ve bought to the tracks I’m so grateful. 

Is there a certain message you’re hoping to portray through ‘We Stand Alone’? 

Just an open hearted approach to life and it’s many twists and turns, ups and downs. An indulgence in a little grandeur and big dreams. A comforting place to disappear into I hope. Honestly it is just such a beautiful thing when listeners find some comfort and joy in music you create and I hope this little collection provides that for whoever clicks play.

What can we expect from you in the future? 

Lot’s I hope. There’s lot’s more material ready to be released when the time is right and I’m writing again and feeling excited by that process so let’s see but fingers crossed it will be a fun ride.

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Words: Jake Wright