Get Prepared For South London’s Cloud X Festival

Every year, the boutique and homegrown Cloud X Festival aspires to build an inclusive place for the next generation of forward-thinking creatives who are presenting their stories in daring and unique ways.

The Cloud X crew believes that it’s all in the details! They strive to provide an intimate, uplifting, and soul-warming day out by championing soul, R&B, and alternative music. They seek to cultivate and promote the trait of just being true to yourself!

Following its successful debut in 2021, Cloud X Festival is set to return this year with a lineup of some of the UK’s best alternative artists. They are taking over the stunning outdoor venue Studio 338 this year. This spectacular setting provides the ideal backdrop for the celebration, with an open-air garden and an inside clear roof terrace.

The festival organisers have wanted to curate a female-forward lineup. This summer’s festival exemplifies this, with 60% of artists identifying as female. Biig Piig, DJ Spinnall, Sam Wise, Santino Le Saint, Sasha Keable, FelixTheFirst, Nayana IZ, Scuti, and JOJO make up this incredible lineup.

Cloud X, co-founded by David Dabieh and Ben Cross, has become a vital element of the city’s independent music scene, giving a much-needed venue for underrepresented musicians through its concerts, label, and management staff. Speaking about the festival, co-founder David Dabieh said: “Cloud X aims to nurture and encourage the quality of simply being oneself! Every year our boutique and homegrown Cloud X Festival aims to curate an inclusive space for the next generation of pioneering creatives that are telling their stories in bold and original ways. It’s all in the detail! Championing soul, R&B and alternative sounds we hope to give an intimate, inspiring and soul-warming day out.”

Noctis Magazine discusses Cloud X festival in an exclusive interview with Ben Cross, one of the festival founders. Read below to get the juicy tips and tricks before the day. 

What makes Cloud X different from other UK festivals?

I feel like this is a question that someone who is not part of the Cloud X team should answer so I asked my cousin what she thought. She said it’s unique because it feels liberated & free, like an extended family or a house party so let’s go with that.

How important is sustainability to the festival?

We acknowledge we need to be doing a lot more in that space and we are planning a green-field site for 2023 where will be able to do a lot more to ensure a sustainable user experience. As a venue, Studio 338 does its bit. They banned single-use plastics, and palm oil and pledged to switch to renewable energy sources + they donate to the Rainforest Trust charity. But for all future events, if any of your team or readers has thoughts, ideas or suggestions please DM me

What can festival-goers expect from Cloud X in 2022?

Good music, good food, good vibes. Sunshine is expected as is the queen’s attendance but neither is guaranteed.

Words: Izabel Rose