Teddy Jackson’s ‘LICK’ is a Celebration of Sexual Expression

Teddy Jackson is not afraid to be provocative and on his latest single ‘LICK’, the London-based artist pushes those boundaries even further with an exploration of sexual expression outside of social normality. The hyperpop hybrid commands your attention with cheeky, brash, and crude lyricism that flows over pulsing synthesizers and heavy hitting drums. Teddy proudly owns his own sexuality with a searing confidence as he details a variety of his own sexual escapades.

The accompanying music video is a fantastical, sensory experience where all aspects are pushed to the extreme in a celebration of bodies and sexual fluidity. Set in a world where diversity and honest expression is celebrated, Teddy acknowledges the importance of individuality as well as highlighting the vast spectrum of gender expression. Each member of the predominantly non binary cast embodies their own unique aesthetic and are all introduced separately to highlight the importance of uniqueness and personality. 

As the video progresses, all of the characters’ individual aesthetics morph together and compliment each other as the group intertwine in an exploration of each other’s energy, alluding to the idea that diversity and difference should be celebrated and embraced by love and acceptance.

It’s clear from the outset that Teddy’s work is not intended to make you feel comfortable, in fact, that’s exactly the point. “Don’t get me wrong, there’s obviously a place in the world for pretty things but I’m more inspired by the weird, the unusual, the unaccepted.” Teddy comments. “That, for me, is where cultural shifts start.”

Each chapter of Teddy Jackson’s artistic journey shows a commitment to defying societal boundaries and pushing for acceptance of queer expression and sex positivity and we’re excited to see what’s next! 

‘LICK’ is now available to stream on all platforms.
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Video Credits:
Audio Production: Michelangelo Dousis & Teddy Jackson
Creative Direction, Director, Set Design: Teddy Jackson
Director and Editor: Robert Daglish
MUA:  James Mac & Raphael Arcadios
MUA Assistant: Pavol Gabaj & Alice Platts
Hair: Sam Arnold
Hair Assistant: Hana Briggs
Wig Stylist: Styled By Vodka 
Styling: Paige Beer 
Styling Assistant: Beca Montenegro, Freya Thomas-Taylor & Hyunsun Chang
Set Assistant: Adam Naas, Billie Dellios & Paige Beer 
Photographer: Jody Evans
Colouring: Olha Kriukova 
Starring: Teddy Jackson, Darkwah, Dolli Okoriko, Danni Spooner, Billie Dellios, Rocky, Tom Rees

Photography Credits:
Photography: Courtney Nathan Phillip
MUA: Raphael Arcadios
Edit: Yara Revlon