GOOSE Share 90s Inspired Electro-Pop Anthem ‘Endless’

Iconic Belgian quartet, GOOSE, have built up a rather enviable portfolio over the last two decades, consistently blurring the lines between electronic music and rock. Now the artists return with their latest single ‘Endless’, a track that delves into the realm of 90s inspired electro-pop, which blends perfectly alongside modern sweeping production. It’s a release that acts as the title track from their upcoming album and its aesthetic holds significant clues as to what we can expect in the next couple of months. 

On the creative process behind ‘Endless’, Lead singer Mickael Karkousse explains: “Although we ended up at the legendary Motorbass studios in Paris, we did create the DNA of the record in our very own Safari Studios. Being in the comfort of our home studio it allowed us to experiment and look fort that ‘sparkle’ that made the four of us really excited. ‘Endless’ was that sparkle: it has guitars, synths, pumping drums and a dreamy vocal hook for the chorus. It has a lot of power and melody at the same time, it all fell into place for all what was about to follow.”

The release is accompanied by a music video that takes fans along for a nostalgic trip through GOOSE’s early years, showcasing their transition from teenagers, through to fully-fledged artists. It represents the beginning of a very exciting year for the band, who are set to release their first album in five years. Once again returning to their own label, Safari Records, where GOOSE have free creative reign in all they produce, sure enough the long wait for the album will certainly be worth it. Despite the longevity of their careers, there’s still a freshness to their sound, and as Mickael Karkousse exclaims: “We’re just getting started!” With a natural ability to consistently surprise, we can’t wait to see what GOOSE deliver next. 

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Words: Jake Wright