Introducing Kleo

Danish singer-songwriter, Kleo, recently released her heartfelt debut single ‘Miss You’. It showcased an emotive take on alt-pop, which centred around the artists vocals, and such a delivery was only enhanced by a soundscape of dreamy guitars and synths. For a first offering, ‘Miss You’ is a remarkably honest portrayal of who Kleo is as a person. The storyline focuses on the long-lasting effects of grief and loss, and how it can shape who we are as people. To tackle such a sensitive and yet relatable subject so early on is undoubtedly brave and sets the tone for an honest lyricist with an enticing future. 

On the inspiration behind ‘Miss You’, Kleo states: “Sometimes we find ourselves waiting for a deeper meaning to emerge, like waiting for a polaroid image to be exposed. And sometimes the deeper meaning is to love more and appreciate life more, even in spite of grief. This is what I want to share on ‘Miss You’.”

Kleo also incorporates much of her eccentricities into her artistic identity. A passion for transcendental meditation, Vedic astrology, hyper romance blends with a love for rock n’ roll and big pop. The result is an alternative, poetic take on pop music that serves to break taboos. ‘Miss You’ see’s the artist embrace her vulnerabilities, whilst bringing an aspect of hope into a dark topic – telling listeners to keep fighting, even when it feels impossible. It’s a situation many of her listeners would have found themselves in at some point, and Kelo does a great job of focussing on those memories, that can often appear haunting, making sure they’re remembered as a positive legacy.  

‘Miss You’ certainly displays just how much potential Kleo has, and I’ll be eagerly awaiting the artists next few singles. And in Denmark, Kleo is part of a tight nit music industry that nurtures emerging talent, which will only serve her in good stead. Recent performances at SPOT festival in Aarhus, Denmark and Tambourhinoceros Presents in Copenhagen, were perfect displays of just how far the artist can go.

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Words: Jake Wright