Unravel the Nostalgic Visuals of Tommy Newport’s ‘Tongue & Cheek’ 

Known for his dance-steeped indie anthems and infectious persona, Tommy Newport is blasting back into the indie pop scene. Moving to the states from the UK in his earlier years, his rich musical heritage dazzles, as he continues to carve his way into the pop realm with his latest single ‘Tongue & Cheek‘. Newport’s truly encapsulating energy brings a new lease of life, infiltrating his playful spirit into every second of his new single and accompanying visualisation. 

Tinged with an 80s-inspired euphoria, his cinematic representation blends together old and new. Psychedelic visuals compliment his retro rhythms, as he intoxicates listeners with his first experiences of love. Newport confesses, “Tongue & Cheek was of course inspired by the phrase “tongue in cheek”, but having said it wrong my whole life, I opted to title it Tongue & Cheek. The song is a self ode to not taking life too seriously and understanding how life goes, always having to play it by ear and stay on your toes. It’s a nod to the fiery beginnings of a relationship and, lyrically, is a larger than life glorification of meeting someone for the first time…in the hot desert of Amarillo at a fashion show. It’s my way of saying life is made up of so many miracles.”

Blending decades of nostalgia with the euphony of the early noughties, ‘Tongue & Cheek’ offers that perfect persistence that will have you on your feet in no time. His youthful heartthrobs and lustrous tales pair sublimely with his resounding vocal energy, collating into a catchy summer anthem. Shining with authenticity, his latest music video develops sentimental scenes, visualised with the perfect pairing of surrealism and grain-tinged tales. Newport proves there are truly no limits to his expressionism, taking his thriving discography to new heights.

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Words: Alexander Williams