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“When I was three years old, I told my mom that I was Elvis reincarnated,” states Jessie Murph in response to giving out an old soul energy. The only 18-year-old artist is a true reflection of the new generation’s putting an end to bottling up emotions as she is known to release uncompromisingly vulnerable music.

Born in Tenessee, now residing in Alabama, Jessie Murph, a fresh 18-year-old, operates at a level of bold lyricism and sharp perspective that cuts deep. For someone her age, it is undeniable she will be able to reach the masses.

With her debut ‘Upgrade,’ all the way to this year’s releases, including ‘Pray,‘I Would’ve,’ and the new single ‘While You’re At It,’ Murph has been able to incredibly document her first love gone wrong experience. Her unique voice gives the records an extra edge that transcends love games and heartbreak and solely captures her agony.

If Jessie Murph keeps up with the rate she is orchestrating, she will be selling arenas in no time. As she discloses in our conversation, more new music is coming soon, and we cannot wait. Get the tissue box now.


Where did we catch you? Where are you based at the moment?

I’m based in Alabama and you are actually catching me just about to run out for lunch with my mom.  We’re gonna go get some sushi.   

Do you remember when you made the conscious decision to start pursuing this careerprofessionally? 

Yes! I was 11 years old and I posted a video on YouTube, it was a cover of Titanium by Sia, and it got a lot of views at that time.  I remember being really excited and thinking okay wait maybe I can actually do this.

Why did you decide to post covers on TikTok compared to other Apps? 

Funny you ask – I had started on TikTok by posting “dirty mind test” videos and they blew up! It seemed only natural after that to start posting my music on there too. 

What was your reaction once you’ve seen your videos are getting traction? 

I freaked out. I remember being super excited and it just motivated me so much to keep going. 

Were you always into music? 

Yes. Both of my parents come from a musical background and there was always music playing in my house growing up.  My brothers are both into music as well. It’s just always felt like a part of me. 

You’re 17 years old, but your writing is incredibly mature, would you say you have bit of an old soul? 

I definitely do. When I was 3 I told my mom that I was Elvis reincarnated! 

Which artists do you look up to the most? 

Adele, Lil Baby, Lady A. 

You sing in ‘Pray’ – “I thought I wanted love, until you showed me what it was” – what is it about love that no-one warned you about and you learned the hard way?

Since this was my first love there were a lot of things that I learned from the experience. I never really knew how dangerous love can be and how much it can change you as a person. 

What moment inspired ‘Pray’?

Pray was inspired by one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to go through. It was just a really bad moment that wound up being the final nail in the coffin of a really toxic relationship that had gone on for a very long time.   

Could you elaborate on what emotion inspired your new single ‘While You’re At It’? 

Honestly the emotion that inspired WYAI was confusion.  I was in love but hated him at the same time. That then turned into hating myself for loving him when I knew I shouldn’t.  It really hurt and WYAI was the outcome. 

Why did you want the visuals to be captured while on tour with Sasha Alex Sloan? 

I just knew it was going to be an incredible experience and that I would want to have it all documented. Partially I just wanted it for myself so I could relive such a special time but I also wanted to be able to share it with as many people as possible even if somebody wasn’t able to come to a show. 

How was the tour? 

The tour was stellar. It made me so excited to do more live shows! I’ll be going out on my own headline tour very soon and I absolutely cannot wait. 

What were your favorite moments? 

I loved whenever people pulled out their phone lights during Always Been You. The first time was so special to me.  Also the last show in Nashville was incredible.  All of my friends and family came out and it was just so crazy. 

Are you working on any bigger projects? 

Yes! I have a bunch of singles coming out over the next few months and then I’m (finally) going to release a full project I’m so excited.

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Words: Karolina Kramplova