Jharna Bhagwani Shares Hypnotic Debut ‘Tell Me’

Jharna Bhagwani explores feelings of betrayal, anxiety and loss on hypnotic debut single ’Tell Me’ featuring Eka Gustiwana from Weird Genius.

Indonesian TikTok star Jharna Bhagwani kick starts her music career with ‘Tell Me’ and sees her join forces with Eka Gustiwana from Jakarta based electronic super group Weird Genius, a stellar pairing that delivers a serious statement of intent.

19 year old Jharna Bhagwani has been creating quite a stir on social media, having amassed over 10.1 million followers on Tik Tok and over 3.3 million followers on Instagram through her make up tutorials and lip-sync viral videos. She now pursues her passion for music after a chance meeting with Eka, who encouraged her to take the jump. The end result is ‘Tell Me’, an intimate, vulnerable alt-pop masterpiece fusing Jharna’s hazy vocals over Eka’s effortless groovy beats that delves into the darker side of pop as evident in the accompanying video clip.

Jharna says: “I shared a few song references and lyrics I’ve written to Eka in early June 2021. Due to the pandemic, we brainstormed and shared ideas online. Then in early August we started recording. So it took about two months for the whole process. Art has become my channel for exploration and experiment. I enjoy playing different characters. I create concepts, messages and how I want them to be perceived. People have seen my work in makeup videos. This time, I have the opportunity to express my alter-ego in a different form, a song and music video.”

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