Riah Lick Your Wounds Share Mesmerising Debut ‘Indigo’

Brand new Bristol / Berlin based alt-pop duo Riah Lick Your Wounds announce their debut release with the arrival of ‘Indigo‘, a dreamy journey through a sea of synthesisers and soul vocals, jazzy ambience and sub-bass – lifted from their forthcoming self-titled EP due this September 24th. 

Channelling hints of jazz, soul, hip-hop and electronica over Riah’s meditative, haunting vocal delivery. The duo say: “The texture we aimed to create was inspired by something that was said by Russell Elevado, the engineer who worked on acclaimed neo-soul, R&B and hip-hop records in the 90s including D’Angelo’s Voodoo album. When speaking on Voodoo he said that he wanted to create something that sounded like it was off an old, dusty cassette tape from the 70s that had been completely forgotten about but had all this amazing music on it that nobody knew about. I liked that idea and wanted to try and make something that sounded like a lost tape from some unknown time, perhaps in the future, perhaps the past, that had somehow found its way here to the present day to be plugged in by an unsuspecting listener.”

Riah Lick Your Wounds is the coming together of childhood friends, Bristol based producer and pianist Lickya Wounds (George Fellows) and Berlin based singer-songwriter Riah Knight. Last seen as shy teens left to chat awkwardly at family parties, Riah and George avoided the small talk by playing music. Their debut project is the amalgamation of those sessions spent playing together and has been produced over the last two years from their respective homes. Their EP has taken on an intergalactic sound, as it travels seamlessly between classic Jazz vocals, Hip-Hop beats and electronic production, reminiscent of the early works of Little Dragon or Hiatus Kaiyote. The sound imitates that of a lost tape that fell to earth from the future; warped, buried, dug up and plugged in.

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