JXCOB bares his heart and soul on ‘After You Left’

London’s very own JXCOB breaks into the spotlight with a new honest EP, ‘After You Left,’ where he deals with ‘dramatic change and emotions that fell out of the sky.’ This 4-track-long project evokes early Drake vibes and talks about heartbreak, trust issues, pain, insecurities, and growth.

Based in Brixton, Jacob Arthur, known as JXCOB, bares his feelings and leaves his heart and soul in his debut project ‘After You Left.’ Living in London enabled JXCOB to draw from various styles and genres, as he admits he is always taking notes and on the lookout for inspiration.

Raised by a dad that used to be a DJ and a mom heavily into 90’s hip-hop, JXCOB says there ‘was always a very eclectic mix of sounds bouncing off the walls in his childhood home.’ Today, he records music every day and used the isolation of a lockdown to sit down with his craft and refine his approach.

As an independent artist, he is laying down a solid foundation before big things come and premiers his debut EP ‘After You Left.’ For an artist of his caliber, this inevitable success is around the corner.

How are you doing today?

I’m doing good thanks. The suns out for the first time in a while. Which was needed as this has to be the rainiest summer as far back as I can remember. 

What have you been up to this summer?

I’ve spent a fair amount of it planning & getting ahead with everything. Quite a few of my friends have been putting on 10/10 events so it’s been fun stepping outside on the weekends. 

Where are you based at the moment?

I’m based in Brixton at the moment, South London has a special place in my heart. 

What are your favourite moment from childhood?

That’s a good question, luckily I have many. I’d say one of them would be going to Ibiza for the first time. My parents used to take me out there from a young age, it’s not just a party island. 

Are your parents musical?

My parents are very musical, my Dad used to be a DJ & my Mum was heavily into 90’s hip-hop. They still have all of their vinyl records from the 90’s. My Dad introduced me to Rock / Alternative music & Mum got me into Soulful House. So there was a very eclectic mix of sounds bouncing off the walls in my childhood home. 

How did you initially get into music? 

I feel like I’ve always been involved with it but the very first experience I had was going to Brixton Recording Studios in Angell Town. Mad love to Keshon, Jaja & Ben for always believing in me. 

What inspires your lyrics?

Life mainly, I record music everyday as I feel it’s important to capture emotions when I feel them in the present moment. Even if it’s just a quick voice note recording, I always refine it at a later date. 

How does living in London influence your sound?

It gives me a lot to talk about & I can draw from various styles & energy. It’s been cool to see how people react to new bangers in the clubs & bars. I’m always taking notes, my brain doesn’t switch off sometimes. 

How was your lockdown? Did you feel inspired to make music at all?

It was a rollercoaster but it is what is, I did make a good amount of music. Like many upcoming musicians would say, it was special time to sit with my craft & refine my approach.  

What made you decide to go down the independent route?

I just needed to give myself time to grow & lay down a solid foundation to build on. I always want to be prepared when big opportunities swing by. 

What did you want to express in your new EP‘After You Left’?

Dramatic change & how I dealt with emotions that fell out of the sky. 

What themes are you touching upon?

Heartbreak, trust issues, pain, insecurities & growth. A bit dramatic I know. 

What is your favourite lyric from the project?

Other than all of the emotional stuff, I liked this one as it gave me tons of nostalgia when I hear it back;

“Got the same team around me since Channel U days, new fades, new kickers & the wave caps”.

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Photographer: Henry James

Stylist: Chloe Cammidge

Art Direction: Jacob Arthur

Words: Karolina Kramplova