Wastemall & Jude York Share Emotive New Single ‘Glaciers’

A massively talented producer and visual artist from Brisbane, Jordan Madigan aka Wastemall only started his musical journey last year, yet has been poised for a successful and long career within electronic music. His tunes are as emotional and personal as they are dancefloor-ready, a combination that is bound to satisfy all moods and tastes. His brand new collaboration with singer, songwriter, and 1/2 of brotherly duo The Beamish Brothers, Jude York, makes up for a perfect showcase of his unmatched sonic identity. 

Titled “Glaciers,” the single follows Wastemall’s debut EP Don’t Tell Me, and marks his very first release alongside a featured vocalist. Wastemall always makes sure to pair his music with exciting visuals, which he creates during the songwriting process. Thus, he is accompanying “Glaciers” with an immersive music video, using surreal landscapes and visuals to depict themes and ideas of personal growth and moving on, which are also conveyed through his songwriting. Wastemall’s artistic vision and direction are truly impressive, yet the impactful song wouldn’t be complete without Jude York’s infectious vocal lines that truly bring it to life and provide it with a whole new, radio-ready appeal. 

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