Kamille Breathes In Self Love On ‘weight loss’

Beyoncé approved Kamille continues what she’s best at with another upbeat break-up anthem, ‘weight loss’, joining her ever-growing discography. 

Known behind the brains of global hits ‘Shout Out To My Ex’ to ‘Future Nostalgia’, the future hitmaker is vastly paving her own music career (with a few awards on the way and millions of streams behind her name), Kamille, is levelling up with her biggest track to date. And it won’t be her last.

Swerving towards the tones of pop-infused beats yet blending within the productions of her love towards RnB, ‘weight loss’ is a sweet, exhilarating diary entry on becoming a better person after finding yourself leaving a toxic relationship. Speaking on behalf of the track, Kamille noted: “I wanted to write about the strength and confidence we feel after getting over what feels like a mountain to climb or a bad break up in a way that hasn’t been done before. When you know you’re finally over someone, and you remember who you are again, it can feel like you’re floating. Those burdens and those arguments and all those tears that were weighing you down are finally gone.”

With a discography already ahead of her competitors, Kamille is ready to take it to the big stage, as ‘Weight Loss’ opens the door to her next adventure.

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Words: Ross Mondon