Kartell Teams Up With Franc Moody For A Retro Remix Of ‘Time’

Earlier this year French producer Kartell released his hugely popular EP ‘Daybreak’ via Roche Musique – a collection of six tracks that saw the artist deliver an alternative take on dance music. It saw an array of guest artists make impressive contributions, layered over Kartell’s downtempo house aesthetic. Now, the EP is getting the remix treatment, the first of which comes from London funk-electronic collective Franc Moody. It sees the band add a touch of retro glamour to the single ‘Time’ which features vocals from Qendresa & Coops.

Sharing his thoughts on the remix, Kartell proclaims: “Franc Moody has been killing it with their recent releases, and their psych-disco always catches me. Their version of ‘Time feat. Qendresa & Coops’ is a groovy disco heater, warping a tense and enigmatic 70’s sound with a hint of dub that really shines a new light on the second single from my latest EP ‘Daybreak’”.

‘Time’ is transformed from a laidback, sultry house track into a groovy, nostalgic, disco hit that’s totally infectious. Oozing funk from start to finish, Franc Moody adds a subtle, understated yet poignant layer of synth-lines which fuse seamlessly over the original production, creating a lush, complex soundscape that breathes new life into the song. The band also push the luscious vocals of Qendresa to the forefront, gripping onto every emotive harmony. 

‘Daybreak’ marked a monumental moment for Kartell, and it was clear throughout that in Roche Musique he’d found a home in which he could be unapologetically himself, and his music has gained plenty fold from this. For the artist, it told a coherent story of all things important to him. It visually encompassed the orange from the scorching afternoons on the beach and the blue from the cold nights on top of cliffs. His unique approach to slowing down dance music to close to 100 BPM, gave space for concepts to be explored and vocals to shine.  

The personal approach to the original EP only adds further intrigue in what we can expect from the remix package. How will other artists choose to develop these songs and their storylines? With the feel-good factor being supplied in abundance on Franc Moody’s initial offering, the possibilities are endless, and we sure can’t wait to hear what comes next.

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Words: Jake Wright